Kobe Beef Yukhoe

Blissful yukhoe that goes beyond “restoration”

Yukhoe, a beloved part of Japanese yakiniku culture for a long time.
Precisely because it has become uncommon now, at Yoshimi, we have sought quality yukhoe with a commitment the best ingredients.
“Mouthfeel, taste, texture, flavor, aftertaste” Yoshimi’s Kobe beef yukhoe, which brings these 5 pieces together, is not just restorative, but, including its rarity, is an absolute presence that adds color to your meal.
Yoshimi’s yukhoe, which is extremely rare nationwide and cannot be tasted anywhere else, is a must.

Raw Food Certified Shop

Yoshimi satisfies all criteria and has obtained permission to handle raw meat under the guidance of the public health inspector,
including processing standards, temperature control, equipment, and preparation standards.